I am finally following through on encouragement from various sources to begin a blog. As with most women, there are many things I want to do and want to learn more about. I anticipate this blog to be an intermittent chronicle of things I am learning that I think may be of interest to some of you who know my interesting outlook on my life and God’s purpose in it.

I love Sundays! As exhausting as it sometimes is, it refreshes my soul to see friends I haven’t seen since last week, to be encouraged by them and to be challenged by God’s word. Yesterday was our BIG Thanksgiving potluck at church. I am the kitchen coordinator of our church of about 130 – so my morning was a little hectic. However, I was able to hear most of Pastor’s message and it got me thinking (as most sermons should!) 

The apostle Paul was dependent on the support of other people most of his life, but in his letters, he did not thank the people – he thanked God for them and their ministry to him. It is easy to thank God for the people who bless us positively, but are we just as thankful for the people who challenge us? The people in our life are not there by accident – God has purposed that we be in each other’s lives. Some people teach us patience (and we probably also teach patience to more than we want to admit!) Some are for us to learn ministry. One of the functions of the believer, and the church as a local assembly of believers, is to exhort. Are we thankful for those exhortations even though they at the least annoy us and sometimes even hurt? Are we thankful for the “iron sharpening iron” times? Do we dismiss other’s words and actions by asking ourselves “what is their problem” or excuse our own behavior by telling ourselves “that is just my personality’?

May I be the kind of person who is grateful for all the people in my life, even when I am being challenged to change.